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Tole Haven hosts the gaming club for the serious hobby modeller, with all the experience you could want, we have people of all ages in our gaming club, whether you are a novice or a hardened veteran of gaming we are here for you. The gaming club is a stand alone club which caters for gaming in the following fields: Games Workshop Gaming, Flames Of War Gaming, Warmachine and Hordes, Malifaux, Spoils Card Game, Magic The Gathering Card Game, Operation Squad, Bolt Action, and many more Specialist Games.

Most of the specialist games consist of Skirmish games which are still popular today. We are always open to new games, and do try to diverse whenever possible to try new games or ideas.

Hornchurch Heroes Gaming Club (H.H.G.C)

The club meets every Friday at Tole Haven, from 4.00pm to 8.30pm. So whether its your first time playing a game or if you have been a veteran for years, we will have a challenge for you. Just pop in and have a chat to our friendly club members who are always willing to help you, we can run you through a basics game or help you with more advanced rules. Our regular gamers are always helpful and willing to enhance new gamers knowledge, and skills on the battlefield!

We are constantly adding to our gaming range, including building new gaming boards and themes, if you are interested in getting your hands dirty with modelling terrain and gaming board builds, then contact us at the shop.

Friday Night Schedule

Listed below is our Friday Night Gaming Club schedule, which covers most of the major gaming systems.

For more information:

The HHGC runs themed nights around specific areas of the Gaming market, some nights are structured around a certain type of game, i.e Board Game Night, or Painting Competition Night, these are usually announced in advance, and can be found on the above Calendar link, click to view the calendar for more upcoming dates!  

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